Dan Enos is the current head coach for the Wisconsin Badgers. He previously served as head coach for the Central Michigan Chippewas (2013-16). Enos has managed a 51-26 record since 2013 under the helm for the two sides.

Enos is known for using a gap running scheme offensively, utilizing power run concepts and play-action passing. His accomplishments at CMU include guiding the team to a total record of 37-15, two top-25 finishes, and gaining promotion twice to gain status as a Tier 1 Big Ten program.

Enos left CMU in 2017 for the Badgers, citing an opportunity he'd always dreamed of and confidence that the Chippewa program would remain in Tier 1 after his departure. In two seasons, he has gone 14-11 with the Badgers, including a 15th ranking to end the 2018 season.

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